The Newest Gift Idea for Mother’s Day 2019

What was your first memory of your mom? Remember the time you had your learned your firsts? From your very first steps, to  first words, to first dates, your mom is there to mold you to become who you are today. She is your first teacher. Your first superhero. Your first “who I want to be when I grow up.”

Looking back, mothers have been the nurturer, protector, provider, and the greatest motivator for you to find your place in the world. There will be a time when she will be happily seeing you forming your own family, remembering the simpler days and being proud of how far you’ve come.

Or maybe you are a mother yourself. It’s your turn to take care of your family and make sure your children grow into their best possible selves.

This Mother’s Day, Oro China Jewelry prepared an all-original design jewelry piece that subtly flaunts the dynamics of your own family. The Family Tree Necklace, our newest product, is made with intricate design on a Mother Of Pearl disc.

Available in 14k Italian gold setting, the branches present custom-made initials of each family member with their birthstones dangling on the family tree. The strength, maturity, purity, and grace — all of the qualities your mom passed on to you, presented in the pendant.

It’s time to own a family signature that would last a lifetime. For quotation, send us a message.


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