5 Real Gold Jewelry Gift Ideas Under P3000

It’s less than a month before Christmas! Your best gift doesn’t have to break the bank, so this year, don’t compromise on quality for the price. Here are gold jewelry gift ideas under P3,000!

Gift Idea - Amore pendant

Show some love this holiday by gifting a charming heart pendant. While you’re at it, add some chain to the pendant and get the Amore ring and Amore earrings to complete the set. Perfect for your little sister who may not be that little anymore.

Gift Idea - Classic Pearl Pendant

A classic on sale! Never out of style, this freshwater pearl pendant is a safe gift for that one manita from work whom you’re not so close with. Or for that one friend who always says “IDK” when asked what gift they would like for Christmas.

Gift Idea - Viola Earrings

Play with colors and get all yellow, white, and rose gold in one jewelry piece.

Gift Idea - Katey Ring

Make the holidays sweet with a sweet ring at a sweeter price. This open heart ring is perfect for that kikay friend whose fashion sense is always on point.

Gift Idea - Petal Earrings

It’s another take on a floral stud, and a lovely one at that. Perfect for the no-fuss friend who likes to keep things simple.


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