How to Layer Your Necklaces: Beginner’s Guide

You might be wondering how celebrities and influential people in the fashion industry look so stylishly polished despite a minimal outfit. The secret is simple—just the right jewelry pieces at the right places! Now, you don’t have to throw away that plain tank top in your wardrobe, because you can achieve the chic look with it and just some layered necklaces

Tips on How to Layer Your Necklaces 

Here is a list of some simple tips you need to know so you can layer your necklaces like a pro. 

1. Be familiar with the different chain lengths. 

Essentially, you will need to shop for the right necklace length on your outfit pre-planning phase. Here are the lengths you can choose from: 

• 13” chain as a choker necklace

• 16” chain that usually settles tightly around the throat base 

• 18” chain that settles just around the collarbone

• 20” to 24” chain that settles below the collar and above the chest 

• 28” chain that settles just around the mid-bust 

• 35” chain that is commonly the lengthy chain option that settles below the bust

Adjustable chains such as paperclip necklaces are also the go-to options to win the layering game. You can also add extenders to your existing necklaces so you can make the most out of them. 

2. Prepare your pieces that vary in length. 

You can create a cascade-like style for your necklaces when your chains slightly vary in length from each other. This effect will accentuate the details of every chain and will add sophistication to your neck and collarbone.

3. Start with 3-4 necklaces. 

Tangling is inevitable when you use five or more chains to layer. Having 3 to 4 necklaces in the stack is a perfect choice. You just have to keep their gaps equal from each other.

4. Mix chain styles that complement each other. 

This is the most exciting stage in layering necklaces—the mix and match. Choose contrasting styles such as a chunky chain matched with a long delicate one. This keeps the style interesting and in place.

5. Choose a pendant necklace as your focal point. 

There must be something that will accentuate the layers, and you can start with a dainty coin necklace, disc necklace, or a simple pendant that blends perfectly with the other chains. This focal point best sits on your last layer, especially when you want the chunky or paperclip necklaces on your first layers.   

6. Stick with the same metal colors. 

Your diamond necklace will look good when layered with white gold pieces, finished with a sparkling focal point. This can even go well when mixed with a freshwater pearl necklace

In choosing yellow gold necklaces for layering, it is always best to pick ones of similar color. Keep everything Italian gold or all in Chinese gold, depending on your preference.

7. Tie everything for a polished look. 

Keep it consistent with the materials on your jewelry pieces for your overall look. If your necklace layering consists of diamonds, wear diamond or white gold earrings and rings as well. The same tip applies to your yellow gold jewelry outfit.

To sum up the tips in achieving that classy look, it is substantial to top off the space above your chest with your jewelry adornments. On the contrary, these catchy pieces will draw attention to your face more. Your layered necklaces frame your face, thus, highlights your smile even more.