5 New Twists on Classic Jewelry

Most of the time, what we wear are not the only essentials that need tweaking for everyday staples. Accessories, embellishments, and jewelry pieces do top the details of our everyday run-around. Oro China Jewelry brings you pieces that speak sophistication and versatility: twists on classic jewelry!

Floating Drop Earrings Illusion

Available in a 14k-18k gold setting, this two-pearl drop earrings can make pop-out attention to anyone. Its stud design adjusted to imbue two classic freshwater pearls is a gorgeous piece for an outgoing glamour!


Detachable Options

These one-of-a-kind earrings can be detached to take everyday wear up a notch. Classic earrings design and geometric-shaped pieces in 14k gold setting edges your everyday mood. A perfect go-to jewelry.


3-in-1 Earrings 

Add freshwater pearls to your classic hoops. You can go hoops on a typical day or go with some pearls on it for a fun look! Pearls can also be detached as pendants too; a classic necklace staple for your get up.


2-in-1 Bangle/Ring

New twists to make earrings fun is one thing, but an innovative design on a bangle that turns to a ring is another story. The ergonomic design of the jewelry makes intricacy serve a functional purpose.


Personalized Name Jewelry

Jewelry in its purest purpose; a symbol for a memoir. We love cherishing or highlighting important moments in our lives, especially the people who are so dear to us. We tend to strengthen those bonds through pieces that feel personal. 

Available in either 14 or 18k gold setting, these intricate classic jewelry pieces are now taken to a higher level with new twists. Message us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram or place an order here on the site! Grab one while it lasts! 

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