Time Duration

The maximum payment period is nine (9) months, however, the final payment duration will be determined depending on the total amount of purchase.

Amount of Purchase

Monthly Terms

5,000.00 – 10,999.00


11,000.00 – 30,999.00


31,000.00 – 50,999.00


51,000.00 and up


Payment Terms 

Cash installment payments must be made through bank transfer (i.e. over-the-counter deposit, online banking, phone banking). In-store payments or credit card transactions are not accepted. Shipping fee will be calculated before the last payment. 

For regular items, payment terms are as follows: 

Nonrefundable initial deposit of 20% of the total amount of the purchase is required before the agreement ensues. 

For custom-made items, payment terms are as follows: 

– nonrefundable initial deposit of 20% of the total amount – required before the agreement ensues; 

– Minimum 30% of the total amount – initial or accumulated deposit necessary before we provide the design/layout; 

– 50% of total amount – initial or accumulated deposit necessary before we start the production process. 

If the item(s) purchased under the cash installment agreement will not be paid within the allotted period of time, a grace period of thirty (30) days will be given. Should the customer be able to settle the balance within the given grace period, a 2% interest from the balance will be charged upon full payment.

If the customer fails to settle the balance on or before the 60th day from the start of the grace period, all partial payments will not be refunded and the contract is automatically forfeited. 

Cancellation of Contract

For custom-made items, we will provide an initial layout and a maximum of two (2) revisions until approval of the design. Replacement of item or request for design change is not allowed once the customer has approved of the final design.

Cancellation of the contract due to the customer’s change of mind may be possible, however, all payments made are nonrefundable.

Modification of the cash installment agreement due to replacement of item(s) is not allowed. 


Shipping fee will be shouldered by the customer. We ship anywhere in the Philippines and in select international locations. 

The item(s) will only be shipped or forwarded for pick-up after payment of full amount. 

Delivery time is subject to change depending on the courier’s lead time. Expedition of delivery is not allowed. 


The cash installment plan may not be availed together with other promotions (e.g. gift certificate).