How to Start Your Magical Shopping Experience?

Welcome to the new and improved Oro China Jewelry website! Here’s some few tips and tricks to help you navigate. Browse through what seems like an endless possibilities of choices. From the most glamorous of pieces adorned with brilliant cut diamonds to affordable daily wear jewelry items. Consider us a one stop-shop for all your jewelry needs.


For you to find exactly what you’re looking for, we’ve made it easier for you. Life is already hard as it is, so shopping doesn’t need to be. Breeze through our website and you might just find something you thought you didn’t need.


  1. Sale


Looking for something that won’t hurt the wallet? We got you, head to our sale tab for a complete list of affordable jewelry that does not skimp on quality. Indeed, great quality items at a very reasonable price. Take advantage of our amazing deals. Save up to 70% on selected items.


Daily Wear

Tiffany Pendant


  1. High Jewelry


Stunning creations that are timelessly elegant. High jewelry masterpieces crafted by the best of the best. Embellished with brilliant cut diamonds and extraordinary gemstones that complements every setting. A wondrous piece of art you can actually wear.



  1. Daily Wear

If you are not up for an all decked out multiple statement pieces, there’s plenty of minimalist authentic gold pieces suitable for daily wear. After all, simplicity is beauty. Sleek designs you can wear from day to night to dress up a casual outfit. Going for a simple style approach can still make any look classy too. You wouldn’t want to take them off!



Best of 2023

Alber Bracelet


Best of 2023

Classic Pearl Stud


Best of 2023

Alber Necklace


Daily Wear

Sofie Ring



  1. Made for You


Handcrafted and made especially for you. A unique piece you can treasure forever. Wear something that speaks of you. Select your mark and make it yours. With the gift giving season fast approaching, make the occasion even more special with a thoughtful gift for the one you love.



Celebrate Love

Corlis Ring



  1. Collections


Shop our curated collections by the #OroChinaWoman. Wear these exclusive pieces and be part of our growing family. We’ve also got our handpicked and handcrafted authentic gold collections available just for you.


Anastasia Collection

Anastasia “Garnet” Pendant


Anastasia Collection

Anastasia “Citrine” Pendant


Anastasia Collection

Anastasia “Peridot” Pendant


Anastasia Collection

Anastasia “Amethyst” Pendant



  1. Custom-made


Still didn’t find what you’re looking for? Fret no more, we may be able to customize for you! Just supply us with details of the item, a photo helps too! Contact us so we can assist you better.



So what are you still waiting for? Good things await at the Philippines’ best gold jewelry store! May your shopping experience be as wonderful as you are.

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