1. What time is your online business hours? Business is open from Monday to Saturday, 9 to 6pm. During Sundays and holidays, you can still message us or purchase a jewelry item, however, we can only get back to you on the next available business day. Due to the number of inquiries we get daily, please give us 24-48 hours to reply.

  2. How to order your jewelry pieces? Place your order in your cart and follow step by step order of transaction. If your purchase did not go through successfully, you may send us an email at sales@orochinajewelry.com with the name of your desired item, quantity, and location. We will reply with detailed instructions on how to complete the purchase.

  3. Are your online items available in your stores? Online items are made especially for our online buyers only. Our stores carry different jewelry items that would also fit your style.

  4. Are you selling on a per gram basis? We sell on a per piece basis.

  5. What is your maximum delivery time?
    3-4 weeks for Mother of Pearl
    2-3 weeks for monogram pendants
    2 weeks for personalized name necklaces
    1 week for ready-made jewels
            *For custom-made orders, duration start after the design has been approved by the client.

  6. Do you ship internationally? None yet. Our courier can only ship within the Philippine territory only.

  7. How much and who will shoulder the shipping fee? Shipping fee will depend on the location and cost of the item, which will be shouldered by the client. All items shipped are insured.

  8. Who is your courier? LBC is our official courier partner.

  9. Are your jewelry pawnable? Absolutely, we sell only real and authentic jewelry pieces.

  10. What is your mode of payment? At the moment, we only accept payment through bank transfers from the following: BDO, BPI, Metrobank and EastWest.

  11. Do you accept credit cards? Credit cards are only accepted when payment is made in any of our nationwide branches. Credit card payment means order will be picked up from the branch where payment was made. For door to door delivery, we only accept bank payments.

  12. Can I let someone pick-up my order in my behalf? Yes, but we need his/her information first before releasing your order.

  13. Where are you located? Click here to see all our branches.