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Personalized Name Necklaces in Standard and Junior Sizes
Monogram Initial pendants
Custom monogram pendants
Mother of Pearl Initials pendants
Mother of Pearl Career pendants
Mother of Pearl Heart pendants


Personalized Name Necklace

Stand and be proud. Let people know who you are everywhere you go. With our personalized name necklaces, you won’t need to introduce yourself anymore.

Available in two sizes, and two different kinds of gold.

Monogram Initial Pendants

You can be simple but very creative. Show your personal style with our standard monogram initial pendants. 

It’s truly classy and timeless. 

Custom Monogram Pendants

Make your own signature jewelry. Be it your name or initials, your pendant surely will be one-of-a-kind. 

To order, send an email to sales@orochinajewelry.com now and we will work with you to achieve your very own unique jewelry piece. 

Mother of Pearl Initial Pendants

Simple yet sophisticated, our Mother of Pearl Initial pendant brings out your unique and creative personality in a very subtle manner.

You don’t have to be loud to make a statement. Our MOP initial pendant will do that for you.

Mother of Pearl Career Pendants

We know you love what you do and you are proud of it. And that is why we have the Mother of Pearl Career pendants, which you can wear and bring with you anytime, anywhere. 

Tell us what you do and we will make one for you. Send an email to sales@orochinajewelry.com today.

Mother of Pearl Heart Pendants

Wear your heart on your sleeve?

How about wear your heart around your neck with our Mother of Pearl Heart pendants. 

With their names handcrafted in gold with a mother of pearl base, your loved ones can be with you all the time, for all time.